Albert Eschenmoser’s comments

The wording of Question 4 (On the origin of catalytic cycles) is unfortunate, since chemistry and biology are full of “catalytic cycles” which have nothing to do with the origin of life. The author of the question means (as he writes in the text) “the origin of enzyme-like catalysis”. An alternative title for question Nr. 4 would be “On the origin of catalytic control” or “On the origin of catalytic control in the self-organization of matter”

Question 13: The opinion that the anthropic principle is nothing more than a tautology refers only to the “weak version” of the principle, but not the “strong version” that refers to the idea of a “cosmic imperative”, which is elaborated in the question. If the sentence containeing the term “tautology” is going to be kept , it must be made clear that it refers to the weak version of the principle.


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