Most (if not all) invited speakers will be hosted at the ‘Olarain Halls of Residence’, which offers a very good quality-price ratio to our university, and it is 10-15 min. walking distance to the conference venue. The booking for invited speakers will be arranged by the organization.

For other attendants, who will have to do the booking by themselves there are different hotel options, described briefly next (and also marked on the city map). Some of these hotels will (or, at least, after my conversations with them, should) offer you a slightly better rate, if you identify yourself as an attendant to the workshop OQOL. This is certainly the case for the special deal I negotiated for students at the Nicol’s hotel (see below).

During the dates of our workshop another big medical conference is going to be held in San Sebastian, so our advice for all attendants is to book well ahead of time.

To facilitate the booking, we include the webpages of some recommended hotels in the area (around or less than 10-15 min. walk to Palacio Miramar, the conference venue).






Note: We got a deal with this last hotel (Nicol’s), at a very good rate (around 50 euro for a double room — individual use), basically thinking of students who will come with a modest budget. The hotel is on Igeldo hill, a bit far away (a few km. distance from the conference venue), but it is very peaceful and quiet, with a nice view, has wifi connection, and there is a bus running up and down every 30 min. Students interested in this option should contact the hotel before the 30th of March, identifying themselves as OQOL Workshop attendants. There are also a few triple/cuadruple rooms, really affordable for groups of students or families. After the 30th of March the special offer will be over.


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