The total audience will be limited to approx. 80-90 people, due to the space available at Palacio Miramar, the workshop venue.

Therefore, we will be able to accept around 60 attendants (apart from invited speakers).

The registration period will be open from the 15th of Feb. to the 1st of May, unless all places are taken up before.

Early registration deadline: 30th of March.

A small basic fee -see below- will cover for the sessions (coffee breaks included).

This basic fee has to be paid by all attendants (except for invited speakers).

Nevertheless, some student grants will be available, consisting in accommodation (five nights) and/or lunch tickets (four days) for free.

Depending on our final budget, we could consider some additional support to students also for traveling expenses. Possible travel reimbursements will be dealt with, in any case, after the conference has taken place.

Those who would like to attend and register should contact (please, not before the 1st of Feb.):, who will tell you how to proceed with payment.

Please, specify in your message if you are a student and, in that case, if you would like to apply for a grant (enclose CV).


  • STANDARD: 180 € (early) — 240 € (after 31st of March)
  • STUDENTS: 120 € (early) — 150 € (after 31st of March)


  • ALL: 50 €.

2 responses

18 02 2009
Leslie Mullen

I am a science journalist for NASA’s Astrobiology Magazine, and I would like to attend your workshop. Please let me know what I need to do in order to register and attend.

Best regards,

3 03 2009
Kenji Ikehara

I am a Professor of Narasaho College, who is interested in the origin of life and has proposed original GADV hypothesis on the origin of life. I would like to attend and register your workshop. Please let me know the way how to pay the fee for the attendance.

Best regards,

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